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The criteria must be laid down for an organisation that needs equal relationships with customers. As a well-known supplier of travel services, we at Southwest recommend to our consumers that the requirements for better comprehension be implemented. The terms and conditions of the website explain what you should and cannot do while using our website. If the user is not in compliance with the terms and conditions of the website, the user should automatically cease using the website. However, the user is presumed to abide by Website Terms and Conditions if anyone uses the website.

Compliance with Terms and Conditions:

You must adhere to the provisions of the use of the website before you sign in or order our services in accordance with these terms and conditions. Your agreement with our terms and conditions shows that you understand the egalitarian policies of the company. You can not use our website if you do not agree with all of the terms and conditions. You must expressly prove that you adhere to these terms and conditions before entering the website.

Changes in Terms and Conditions:

We must change the terms and conditions daily without warning our customers due to the dynamic travel industry. The client is solely responsible for changing his / her terms and conditions while the company is not responsible for notifying the client of the changes. We also assume that you read the updated Criteria carefully before accessing our website when you buy our products from our website.

Usage of content:

No person shall be allowed to delete, overwrite, duplicate or alter any of the content on this website. In contrast, someone who uses the website, such as records, images, prices or other details can use it for their personal use. The data that we collect and post on our website is for our customers to reference and we hold the rights to our content. If it does not conform with the terms and conditions of the platform, stern steps shall be taken against the liable party.

Basic guidelines:

We, as an organisation, reserve the right to cancel your reservation and repayment would be processed initially, according to any argument you may have before your departure. In all cases, we are not liable or responsible for the above.

Third-party links:

Several links from third parties are provided on this website only to the benefit of the customer. At all events, we should not support their products and services, and before viewing their goods and services, consumers are obliged to read the terms and conditions of their third-party websites.

Price and payment of the product:

We would like to remind you that, due to customer demand and supply, we monitor the prices of goods on our website. We also have the right to tailor airline prices to their standard and availability. You can check the prices before you order the items because we are not liable to notify you of any price adjustments.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about Southwest privacy policies or terms and conditions. You may also telephone us directly or visit the official website of Southwest to reach us.

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